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Assessors from 1st Class Energy Ltd were employed to write a report for a large Government enterprise back in 2006. Here is an extract from the Executive Summary:


"Given that:

  • Current legislation is being driven towards a greener economy.

  • New legislation is not solely driven by the UK Government, but European Laws as well as Carbon limits set through trade agreements (e.g. Kyoto)

  • Legislation on CO² and emissions will only become more prescriptive and wider reaching

  • Taxation will be increasingly used as a control mechanism to reduce CO² emissions

  • The emerging markets demands on energy supplies increasing drastically

  • The cost of finding new energy sources are increasing

  • Taxation will be used to supplement the new green and sustainable energy markets

  • Tax breaks and interest free loans for commerce and public bodies cannot continue indefinitely


Consequently, regardless of the domestic economic situation or fluctuations in currency rates, fuel and energy prices will invariably appear to increase for the foreseeable future

As a Business Unit that has not clearly identified a strategy for Energy Management. Now is the time to start"


We at 1st Class Energy, still stand by that report.


In an increasingly difficult economic situation these conditions now apply to all facets of commerce, business and industry. If energy consumption isn't on your agenda, it should be... it will be with your competitors.


Following the Electricity act 1989, deregulation of the energy market in the 1990's led to competition between utilities providers and an initial decline in costs, this reduction in costs was suplemented as energy companies 'leaned' production and streamlined their business. So followed a decline in energy management within companies, with many large corporations removing the position of Energy Manager altogether.


With the advent of the changes outlined above, as well as newer constraints:

  • Copenhagen agreement

  • EU legislative programme

  • New government, new policies

     as well as

  • stringent tax increases anticipated to reform our economy

All mean that large companies are now desperately seeking to reinstate the lost expertise of the Energy Manager.


Moreover energy & utilities costs are such a large proportion of any business overheads, smaller companies need to draw on expert advice, in the same way SME's 'buy in' expert advice on accounts and taxation annually, Low Carbon advice needs to be sought with the same remit; Ensure the company’s

  • legislative compliance

  • maximise tax breaks and financial opportunities

  • minimise exposure to risk


  • to save the business money.


Put simply, at 1st Class Energy that’s our business. To save your business money, achieve compliance, improve your Carbon footprint, and so demonstrate your corporate prudence and responsibility to your clients, customers and your suppliers.


As independent low carbon practitioners we don’t just attend and tell you what the problems are and leave, we won’t just try and sell you an alternative energy supplier. We are committed to a long term approach of continuous improvement (and so long term year on year savings). We take a take a holistic approach looking at the

• technical Solutions

• analytical opportunities

and the

• human potential available within your company.

Initial energy audits and reports are currently £199:00 + VAT for most businesses


...about the price of a good 'Energy Management' publication, simpler to understand, easier to manage, tailored around you.