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Energy Managment

1st Class Energy Ltd are providers of sage energy advice


We save companies money, sometimes lots of money! 

We are energy practitioners to SME's (Small & Medium size Business/Enterprise). In the same way SME's 'buy in' expertise for their accountancy & taxation requirements, H&S advice or ISO 14001 compliance. 1st Class Energy Ltd. provide Low Carbon Consultancy & Advice to companies looking to reduce their:


* carbon footprint

* overheads

         additionally improve their:

* bottom line

* compliance

and demonstrate

* corporate responsibility


No commercial site is too small, as we tailor our service around you, our aim is to:

save you money... Year on Year


1st Class Energy employ a simple 3 step approach to energy management:


1. Audit.


With the initial audit, we attend site and quantify your energy consumption, we look at what you do as a business, get to know what your processes are as a company and conduct critical path analysis. That way we understand you as a business, combining our expertise from a wide range of Engineering Industry and Commerce means we are better placed to provide you with proper, sound and beneficial advice.


2. Operational Report


In this report, we rate your energy assets. the building(s) you work from and rate its day to day operation. Reporting in a simple to understand format without jargon. 1st Class Energy only provide reports that support the currently predicted incoming EPBD legislation. Meaning as compliance becomes more stringent and widespread your business will overcome the need to re-start the compliance process again but should dovetail into the regulations and 'hit the ground running', thus reducing future costs


3. Real Solutions


Lots of companies can identify the problems, We feel sure you know many of the issues yourself. 1st Class Energy look to identify real solutions to your energy problems, as well as provide long term improvement information in a simple to digest format, all tailored around your business needs. We identify the:

* quick wins

* low (or no) cost initiatives (we have seen savings of over 15% alone)

* improvements that demonstrate a high carbon impact

    as well as

* low or zero carbon opportunities and alternatives

Each improvement is costed with a predicted return on investment (ROI) to assist with management of implementation.


We then re-visit periodically on an annual, 1/2 yearly or 3 monthly review depending on the size

and needs of your business needs, to ensure you keep a control on your costs and follow a

process of continual improvement in energy management


We can also provide assistance towards 'energy culture change' with staff. Additionally we

can recommend or shortlist suppliers for you to choose your 'best fit' for any changes identified.

Alternatively as Engineers, 1st Class Energy Ltd can provide project management of any installation


So, whether its a sudden & high utility bill, EPC or DEC compliance, Carbon Change Levy, CRC or you are looking for a hand holding partner to guide you through Tax benefits of new capital equipment expenditure, applications for grants or interest free loans or that your company is aiming towards BS en 16001 accreditation or ISO 50001, then 1st Class Energy Ltd can assist.


Initial Audits and Energy Reports start from only £199:00 + vat for most businesses


Audits usually take less than a day to complete the report then follows one week later.


If you haven't already started, now is the time to develop your energy strategy, if its not on your agenda... be assured it will be on your competitors, and with reports on a limited offer at £199:00, what are you waiting for... your next energy bill?



 Contact us on 01582 793525                                                                                                  1st Class Energy Ltd can help

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