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1st Class Energy will attend, inspect and provide a comprehensive report. we will take care of the legislative requirements of the report and guide you through them.


1st class energy provide a professional service with quick turnaround times, meaning

your DEC available within days or even hours of our survey


We can also provide you with the expertise to get DEC Certificate to work for YOU.


As DEC is an annual requirement, prior to the compliance date 1st Class Energy Ltd

will contact you with advising you of the latest legislative requirements and any

changes to ensure that you remain up to date, in control and compliant.


1st Class Energy can provide advice to clients on how, to develop an Energy strategy based on continuous improvement and on how together we can improve the infrastructure and energy consumption of your business, to achieve a better DEC rating year on year. Saving money, improving your carbon footprint and increasing the value of their business


The government has set a targets so that by 2014 all commercial building stock and Public Buildings over 250m2 will be required to display an Energy Certificate (DEC in the England & Wales. An EPC in Scotland) in a prominent place.


if you want to know if/how you will be effected, or need compliance advice, then contact us. Now is the time for you to develop an energy strategy.


1st Class Energy Ltd are here to help